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 Pediatric Preventive Eyecare


Preventative eye examinations should occur at the following intervals for infants, toddlers and children.
    9 months – 1st eye examination
    3 years – 2nd eye examination
    5-18 years  – Every 1-2 years as determined by your optometrist

C & C Opticians run an Infant Screening program. This program provides you with a complimentary screening exam for your infant. The preferred age this should occur is at 9 months. Did you know that nearly 80% of what a child perceives, comprehends, and remembers depends on the efficiency of the visual system. A comprehensive eye examination is so important for children to help them ensure vision is not a limiting factor in reaching their potential in school. Screenings that are provided in school are beneficial; however, they are very limited in what the screening actually assesses and can result in undiagnosed problems.

A comprehensive eye examination by your Eye Care Center optometrist will entail not only an assessment of the refractive error (prescription) and ocular health, but also a thorough analysis of the binocular vision system, that is how the eyes truly team together to focus and align. If there is any deficiency in binocularity, it can have a significant impact on how well a child can perform in school.
Symptoms that may indicate a prescription need or a binocular vision disorder include:


·         skipping lines while reading

·         reversing letters or numbers

·         poor reading comprehension

·         headaches following near work

·         duble vision

·         distance blur

·         poor eye hand cordination

·         having an eye that turns in or out

·         unusual eye rubbing

·         trouble concentrating

Depending on the results of the binocularity assessment, your child may be a candidate for vision training program. Utilization of this program could result in the significant reduction or elimination of your child’s symptoms within just a few months.

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