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Our preventive and restorative eye care solutions are provided on the tripod of Clinical , Surgical and Optical services.

Clinical Services:

We offer the following clinical services:

Comprehensive and Investigative Diagnosis: Using the latest equipment and optimal professional competence, we get to the root cause of the various eye conditions we manage. Investigative Diagnosis is the bedrock of our preventive and restorative eye-care solutions and management. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies for managing Hyperopia, Myopia, Astigmatism, retinal issues and ocular diseases. Effective and mutually rewarding eye-care service delivery starts with optimum and dependable Investigative diagnosis of the eye. Hence, at visionext eye-care, we have placed a premium on Investigative diagnosis.

Eye Test and Vision Screening: We are adequately equipped with sophisticated equipment for Precision Eye Test and Screening of Vision.

Treatment of Eye Conditions:  

Our Optometrist, Optician and Consultant Opthalmologist  are well experienced and proficient in managing various eye conditions using drugs and opthalmic products.

Surgical Services:

We have seasoned Consultant opthalmologists who perform various surgeries with the state-of-the-art medical equipment and against the backdrop of global best practices.

Our effective cataract surgery, cataract prevention and glaucoma management also constitute many of the reasons that make Visionext Eye Care center the prime choice of the thousands of patients that patronize our services.

Our other Clinical Services include Correction of Vision problems like strabismus through visual training, prescribing of medicated glasses, and Prosthetic Services. We have in stock a wide range of artificial eyes and contact lenses.

Optical Services: 

Our optometrist and opticians are skilled professionals, who add aesthetic value to competence and professionalism. We also have a large variety of frames, lenses, sun glasses and other opthalmic kits and accessories. 

Our Facilities and Equipment:

Visionext Eye Care is well equipped with modern diagnostic, treatment and surgical equipment, which facilitate and guarantee our high quality of eye-care service delivery. Our management appreciates that good and efficient machines brings optimal performance from the health professional. In the light of this technical truism, we have an array of latest equipment and cutting-edge technologies which enable us to achieve our goal of being the first point of call in preventive and restorative eye care solutions in the south-south region of Nigeria.

Our list of medical equipment and technologies include but not limited to the following:

1. Auto-Refractor

2. Auto-Perimeter

3. Non Contact  tonometer

4. Schiotz

5. Opthalmoscope

6. Illuminated Visual Acuity Chart

Opthalmological Services:

1. Glaucoma management.

2. Cataract treatment and surgery.

3. Cornea repair surgery

Welcome To Visionexteyecare Clinic

Visionexteyecare clinic and opthalmics is a modern eye-care solutions provider with state-of-the-art equipment and employs global best practices to achieve our goal of preventive and restorative eye care. 

Our vision and core task is to revive impaired vision, prevent blindness and to effectively manage every manifestation of eye failure in our patients using high-tech screening, treatment and surgical equipment.

We have been offering high quality eye care services to our patients for more than 10 years, and our wealth of experience in  high quality but affordable eye care service delivery is second to none, which has become our edge over other eye-care service providers.

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VISIONEXT EYE CARE is a complete eye care centre offering both ophthalmic and optometric services with a passion for eye care and a commitment to quality. We pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality, affordable, readily available eye care in Warri Read More


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